Costa Rica, Central América






  1. Proceedings and consultancies in the judicial scope, in the different matters of law as: civil rights, commercial, transit, agrarian, penal, family, labor, rentings, etc., as well as the professional direction in the respective judgments.
  2. Registry and notary services that include: titles of property on lands or buildings, as well as on personal property (automotive vehicles, boats, etc.); civil certifications, marriages, sworn declarations, registry studies, etc.
  3. Inscriptions in the Registry of the Industrial Property and Right of Author, which involve proceedings of marks (inscriptions, renewals, etc.), processes of literary work inscription, etc.
  4. Consultancies on diverse legal subjects, are these by the written, verbal route or by electronic means.
  5. Writing of all type of contracts.
  6. Preparation and registry inscription of pignoratious guarantees or mortgages.
  7. Constitution and inscription of companies.


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